Used Toyota Rav4

A Used Toyota Rav 4 remains one of the best compact SUVs currently on the market. A mid-size SUV, the Toyota Rav 4 rides nicely, cuts corners well, and comes with great front seats. Also, service costs are minimal, and its resale value is strong and excellent.

Just like other Rav4s, it comes with a reversing camera. It comes with the option of a four or four-wheel drive, based on your preferences. It is more economical than previous models, with a range of petrol, diesel and hybrid models. The diesel model is proving to be the most popular in several countries. The Used Toyota Rav4 has plenty of moving power as well as a spacious cabin to transport loads of goods.

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Used Toyota Rav4 Interior and Comfort

A Used Toyota RAV4 seats are among the most comfortable you can find on any medium SUV. They feature great support, which translates to excellent comfort during long trips. It also has a good seating position, which is designed to minimize fatigue as much as possible.

Circular air vents on both sides of the dash allow free movement of air while a small storage area close to the glove box comes in handy for storing small accessories. The back seats are designed in a manner that makes entry and exit effortless.

The seats fold forward and recline with the help of a lever. Also, the doors are cut wide and tall, making it easy for taller passengers to slip in and out easily. It also makes it easy for parents to attach a child seat.

Used Toyota Rav4 Drive and Performance

A Pre-Owned Toyota RAV4 only has one engine, a 2.5-liter, 176-horsepower, four-cylinder. The engine features a six-speed automatic transmission, which delivers solid driving power on different terrains and driving conditions. It costs approximately $34 to fill its 15.9-gallon gas tank. On a full tank, you can drive for approximately 400 miles.

Annually, fuel costs for the Used Toyota RAV4 compact SUV are approximately $1300. On the other hand, the RAV4 hybrid will cost approximately $1000 in fuel costs annually. However, the hybrid is approximately $4000 more than its gas-only counterpart is. It has comfortable and secure handling while its well-tuned suspension enables it to navigate turns and bumps smoothly.

Used Toyota Rav4 Reliability and Safety

Toyota has established itself as a reliable brand, and the Rav4 is no exception. Although this model is quite new, its reliability record remains solid, with excellent crash-test results. Due to the popularity of the Rav4 with families, safety is of paramount importance. Toyota has recognized that need, and thus included various safety features in this car.

Standard safety features on all Toyota RAV4s include seven airbags, stability control, a reversing camera, rear seatbelt reminders and rear parking sensors. You can also add auto-braking as well as numerous crash-avoidance features, on almost all RAV4s. Two of the seven airbags are positioned straight in front of the driver and the front passenger, while the 3rd airbag protects the knees of the driver.

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Additional airbags are fitted outside each front seat, to protect front occupants against side impacts. There are also curtain airbags, which extend down each side of the Toyota RAV4, to protect rear and front occupants at head level. Every auto-gearbox Toyota RAV 4 comes with auto emergency braking.

Its auto emergency braking mainly relies on radar sensor. In addition, it operates at highway and city speeds, up to a maximum of 180 kilometers per hour. This radar scans for possible obstacles ahead.

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Another safety feature is the lane departure alert, which uses the camera for monitoring lane markings. It warns the driver when they drift into the adjacent lane without signaling. This is usually a sign of fatigue. The car will automatically steer you back on track.

There is also a blind-spot monitor, which alerts you to the presence of another vehicle in the rear. Such a vehicle may not be visible on the side mirrors. A rear cross-traffic alerts you when you are reversing, and another vehicle is approaching.


Although the RAV4 is not a luxury compact SUV, it still ranks high when compared to other cars in the range. It is a reliable family car, which comes with a wide range of features to ensure comfort and safety. Its organized layout, intuitive entertainment system and spacious cabin cargo makes it highly appealing and competitive in the SUV class.

Buying a Used Toyota Rav4

If you are looking for a Used Toyota RAV4, then you are in the right place. We offer its different variations at very competitive pricing. Visit our car dealership today and make your dream of owning a Toyota RAV4 come true.

See our Selections of Used Toyota Rav4

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