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Customize My Vehicle with Conklin Automotive Group Near Wichita

Most major car brands offer their shoppers the option to customize vehicle orders online using the manufacturer’s website. Once the order is personalized and placed and the vehicle is ready for shipment, the manufacturer sends the vehicle to our dealerships near Wichita. Keep reading to learn how easy it is to place your custom car order below.

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How Do Online Custom Car Orders Work?

The process to pre-order vehicles is straightforward and fun. Follow these general steps below:

  1. Navigate to your brand’s official manufacturer website. For example:
  2. Click the Inventory or Vehicle options
  3. Narrow down your specific vehicle and click it
  4. Find a Build & Price or Build option on the model’s webpage
  5. Once you’ve been directed to the model’s Build page, you’ll soon see options to input your zip code or general location. Input this information.
  6. Proceed to customize your vehicle as much as possible until you’ve reached the end of all provided personalization options
  7. Place and complete the order after thoroughly reading through any terms of the agreement or disclosures associated with your vehicle and its customization
  8. Depending on the website, you may input your location or your preferred dealership’s location more than once throughout the process
  9. When the vehicle is ready for shipment, we’ll later receive it and contact you for further steps

Be sure to contact our experienced sales team if you run into any roadblocks or confusion when pre-ordering your vehicle.

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Considerations When You Pre-Order Vehicles Online

Most dealerships are supplied with cars based on the common needs and tastes of the general population that they serve. This means that more nuanced vehicle preferences typically aren’t factory-produced in mass and aren’t shipped to dealerships immediately.

Custom car orders are exciting, engaging, and easy. However, factory preparations for your unique vehicle often take more time than buying a car outright at a dealership. In short, being one of a kind can entail a longer wait.

Custom Car Orders Made Easy with Conklin Automotive Group

We accept custom car orders from Nissan, Honda, GMC, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, Chevy, Toyota, and Ford. Our convenient locations can’t wait to receive your order and put the keys in your hands!