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Trust your vehicle to the certified service experts.  Your vehicle deserves expert care from the people who know it better than anyone else. We employ factory trained technicians who use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to help you keep your vehicle running like new. Simply click on the tab or call to schedule an appointment today. With service locations in and around Hutchinson Kansas, Mcpherson KS,Wichita KS, Newton KS, Salina Ks, Abilene, Overland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee and Olathe,Kansas
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With four convenient locations, Conklin Cars makes the buying & servicing your vehicle less stressful. With service locations in and around Hutchinson, Mcpherson,Wichita, Newton, Salina Abilene, Overland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee and Olathe,KS. We treat all our customers like family. From the moment you step inside our service center, you will immediately notice that we are not an ordinary auto repair shop. All our technicians are factory trained and highly experienced. Whether you bring you vehicle in for repair or maintenance, you can rest assured that you will get nothing but the best services. Some services we offer include:

Many of today's vehicles are equipped with an Oil Life System. This system interprets your vehicle's speed and engine temperature and continuously monitors operating conditions, which helps determine when it is time for an oil change. As soon as you notice your OLS light illuminate or it tells you oil life is under 10%, it is time for service. Choosing the proper grade oil is crucial to your vehicle's performance. Our certified service experts will make sure you have the right oil and correct filter to keep your engine protected and maximize the time between oil changes. Regular oil changes really are the life of your vehicle.

Transmission Repair 

Repairing or replacing a modern transmission system is always a complicated and complex procedure. Our certified service experts are familiar with all the major automotive transmission systems. Whether your vehicle's drive-train requires transmission repairs, a minor tweak, or even a full replacement, our experienced technicians are ready to diagnose and recommend the most appropriate repair solution. Our team will keep you informed throughout the repair process and will do everything we can to make sure you are back on the road as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide all our customers with high-quality transmission repair services together with exceptional customer service.

Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is vital to your vehicle's handling. We offer computerized steering and wheel alignment services, to help prevent issues of premature tire failure and uneven tire wear. Our wheel alignment services also help prevent extensive damage that might occur to your vehicle's suspension system. When you visit our service center, we will first undertake a thorough diagnosis of your vehicle, to identify the alignment issue that it might be having, and then discuss the necessary repairs with you. We can align almost every vehicle on the road. Our wheel alignment and steering services are designed to ensure you get maximum tire life.

Make sure to have your brakes serviced regularly to help prevent unnecessary damage to the rotors, calipers, and other related systems. It is recommended that a trained professional inspect, and if necessary, service your braking system to help ensure all components are working properly.

Whether you need brake service or replacement, your certified service technicians can help you get safely-and confidently-back on the road. They will recommend quality brake components and parts that are designed, tested, and backed by the same people who built your vehicle. After all, no one knows your vehicle and its components better than your certified service experts.

Your vehicle's battery provides energy to start the engine, and it supplies power to accessories when the engine is not running. Winter cold and summer heat can affect battery health. Let our factory-trained certified service experts diagnose, service, and  if needed - replace the battery in your vehicle. You can monitor its condition year-round and stay ahead of any issues with a battery inspection. 

Should you need to replace your vehicle's battery, we proudly offer a wide range of automotive batteries for a great combination of longevity, power, and price. Making sure your battery has the correct reserve capacity and necessary cold-cranking amps to start your engine.
Don't wait until your battery dies to have us check your battery's health.

Engine Services

If your check engine light is on, we have a state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment to find the problem. Whether you need a simple tune-up, or your engine replaced, our certified technicians will get you back on the road.

Air Filtration

A dirty cabin filter can stop heat from circulating correctly. It can also cause you vehicle to have a bad odor. 

A dirty engine filter can damage internal engine parts such as cylinders and pistons. Particles a small as a grain of salt can cause engine damage. That is why it is important to have them checked and replaced on a regular basis.

The way your vehicle handles on the road begins with the tires. If you tires are worn you will notice a change in ride, handling, and performance. Our certified service experts use diagnostic equipment to measure your tires tread depth. 

When it is time to replace your worn-out tires, Our technicians can handle all of your tire needs. We offer a price match guarantee. Provide us with a better price at the time of purchase and we will match it. 

Fluid Exchange & Flush

Brake fluid flush should be done around 30,000 miles. This keeps your brakes working smoothly and ensuring that your brakes have full stopping power. Over time and mileage driven moisture can get into the brake fluid causing rust and corrosion to develop on brake parts.

Transmission fluid deteriorates over time. Hard use - such as frequent stopping and going, hauling heavy loads, trailer and camper towing - will accelerate the deterioration. Transmission fluid acts as both an oil and hydraulic fluid that helps gear shifting and cools the transmission as well as lubricating parts. Manufactures have different intervals so check your owner's manual to determine when your vehicle is ready. Is you do a lot of driving under high-stress conditions you should get it done more frequently. 

Fuel System Cleaning

Dirt and debris can clog one part of the fuel system. This can damage other engine parts. A fuel system cleaning can improve engine performance and gas mileage. It is recommended annually to keep your vehicle performing at it best.

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